Hi, welcome to The Crowded Camel. A blog that publishes doodles of one particular camel, but is made by people who don’t particularly like camels in the first place. What started off as a series of rudimentary drawings of a camel in crowded situations, quickly transformed into a metaphor and somehow inspired this blog.

Who writes it?

A guy named Alan who isn’t really qualified to expound philosophically, but does anyway.

Editor’s Note: The man pictured above is significantly more handsome than the real Alan.

Who draws it?

Jareen Imam, a journalist, blogger and artist who will soon regret committing to do a series of camel drawings.

Editor’s Note: The woman pictured above is significantly less attractive than the real Jareen.

In essence, The Crowded Camel is an existential meditation on what it means to live in a world that is inherently alienating to unique individuals. The camel’s facial expressions betray an intense longing to belong – to assimilate himself into the very society that is the unapologetic source of his suffering. The relatable misfortune of the camel serves as a reminder to the viewer that, perhaps, there is a crowded camel in us all.