Simmer Down

by The Crowded Camel


An empty belly is the best cook.
        – Estonian proverb

The Crowded Camel recently enrolled in a beginner’s cooking class, and is seen above attempting to cook his first meal. To the horror of his classmates, a fire that started in his pan has spread to his hat and now threatens to spread throughout the kitchen. This cooking fire not only endangers his classmates, but is also ruining his dish. 

When the Camel realizes that his hat is on fire and that he also failed to successfully prepare a meal, he will likely be discouraged from pursuing future culinary endeavors, while also lamenting over what he could have done differently to prevent such an unfortunate outcome. In analyzing what went wrong, he may find guidance in the aforementioned Estonian proverb. In addition to its literal meaning, one can also interpret the proverb to mean that passion and care are necessary ingredients to all successful dishes.

The Camel, lacking both the physical hunger for food and the symbolic hunger to create a great dish, rushed through the process of cooking carelessly and without passion. The result is a series of disastrous incidents, which could have been avoided by slowing down and focusing on the craft of cooking, rather than the outcome. The Camel, and all of us, must remember that in all art forms, including cooking, the best results come when one brings true passion, care and love into the process of creation.